Welcome To My Beer Minute

What is “beer minute”? It’s not about thinking about beer every minute, although some days I might. It’s not about thinking about beer for at least one minute every day, although most days I do. It’s about the minute you find that unique brew or unique libation establishment that gives you opportunity to pause, sit back, relax and reflect on just how wonderful this life is.

I have quite an extensive history with beer and was even recognized for my impeccable taste way back in 1985, so if I recommend a certain beverage you won’t go too far wrong giving it a try yourself.

Brew Master Resized Brew Master Certificate


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5 Responses to Welcome To My Beer Minute

  1. Lorraine says:

    I do hope you are carrying on your beer minute you should be an expert now on the best beer

  2. van opdenbosch eric says:

    I am so surprised that you not told me that. being Belgian, so from the land of the beers, I like “My Beer minute” so much! I will try to bring some Belgian beers for you at the end of the year.

  3. van opdenbosch eric says:


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