Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta – Two Fantastic Day Hikes

We love Waterton Lakes National Park and it had been a number of years since we last visited and we were long overdue for a return trip. I will also mention that this park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We set our sights on doing some trekking and the hikes we did were fantastic with outstanding scenery! 

The first day hike we did was called ‘Lineham’ and the trailhead is located on the Akamina Parkway.  It’s not a really long hike, 8 kilometers or so, but it’s very scenic. There were so many wildflowers blooming alongside the trail, it was very beautiful. During this hike we had views of a series of cascades in a narrow canyon and the reward at the end…the 90 meter Lineham Falls! 

We saw bighorn sheep and bears along the way too – don’t worry we were in the car when we saw them 😊

The next day we hiked to the lower Bertha Falls and Bertha Lake. This day hike is around 12 kilometers and it gets fairly steep with a number of switchbacks after you reach Bertha Falls. The steep part of the trail climbs up the avalanche slopes to the lake and on the way we had a nice view of Upper Bertha Falls. The lake is absolutely stunning and worth every effort to see! 

On our last day we visited the townsite and the Prince of Wales Hotel. We also did a short walk around Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls. 

We had a great time and who could ever get tired of scenery like this? 

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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