Vino Tinto Capital – Mendoza, Argentina – January, 2017

If you’re looking for a fantastic Malbec look no further, Mendoza has some of the best! We were on the fence as to whether we should even visit Mendoza. We read that it can be dangereous and that there isn’t much to see but we beg to differ. We had a great time in Mendoza and never felt unsafe there. We also found the city to be very pretty with its tree lined streets and al fresco dining everywhere. 

If you like wine then Mendoza is a perfect place to visit with numerous wine tasting opportunities. One of our favourite bodegas was Domiciano and we found our fave Malbec there. I have to admit I was never really a fan of Malbec before but Mendoza changed my mind. 

We couldn’t leave without making a purchase!

El Cerno Bodega was interesting to visit. It’s a very old traditional bodega that still relies on the old methods of winemaking. The daughter in the family is the one that gave us the tour and she carried on a bit too long on the whole ‘free spirited way of thinking’, which I’m all for, but we didn’t really need a long presentation on it…lets get to the tasting part 😉

Gordon’s thinking the same thing as me – let’s get to the tasting!

What surprised us a bit was Florio Bodega. They focus mainly on sweet wines but naturally sweet wines and there’s a big difference. I never really cared for sweet wines but this winery made some of the best sweet wine I have ever tasted! Not to mention they had a very cool car in the Bodega. 

To take a break from wine tasting, we visited an olive oil factory. I found this very interesting and the samples of olives and olive oil was delicious. If we wouldn’t have been traveling for several more months then I would have brought some home. 

Aside from visiting wineries, we also took the hop on hop off bus to go all around Mendoza. That was a fun way to see all the sights. There are some beautiful parks in the city. 

Mendoza seemed to always have live music on the walking streets which was awesome. 

We had a fun time in Mendoza and it was definitely worth a visit! 

Where we stayed: Airbnb Apartment 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel



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4 Responses to Vino Tinto Capital – Mendoza, Argentina – January, 2017

  1. Mom says:

    Very interesting and beautiful

  2. Tim says:

    Winery Tour Girl: it is important to have free spirit way of thinking
    Tammy Hermann: yup, wheres the wine
    WTG: it is best to be at one with the universe
    TH: of course, wheres the wine
    WTG: you should endevour to absorb the spirit of the wine
    TH: bring out the gd wine
    Sounds like fun, take care

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