Unspoiled Paradise – Dhigurah, Maldives – January, 2020

We found paradise on a little island in the Maldives called Dhigurah. It was everything we had hoped it would be and then some! As we approached the capital Male, I watched out the plane window in awe at what I saw below – this is one of those flights you absolutely must have a window seat!

Male speedboat terminal

On our way to Dhigurah

We stayed in a beachfront villa at a small boutique resort. The resort kindly organized our speedboat transfer from Male airport and even had a representative meet us when we got off the plane. The speedboat was modern and efficient. It held 60 passengers and was more like a small fast ferry. The seats were large and comfortable, and we were provided life vests and free wifi for the 2 hour journey. The resort picked us up at the harbour in a small electric tuk tuk. 

Our villa

The view from our villa

Beach at our villa

Wildlife at our beach villa

The beautiful beach at our villa

Our beach from the water

Dhigurah is a local inhabited island in the South Ari Atoll. It’s only 3.6 kilometres long and 300 meters wide at the widest part of the island. It has a population of approximately 800 inhabitants. The small village is pretty and well kept. On Friday’s all the locals split up into groups and clean the island! All the roads are sand and will remain that way because the rain water drains through the sand and replenishes the water table for fresh well water use. 

Gorgeous white sand beaches adorn the length of the island on both sides. The beaches here are among the most pristine we have ever seen. There are no developments directly on the beach, and all the jungle and foliage has been kept. I could hardly keep myself out of the crystal clear warm sea! It helps a lot that this island has not been hit with mass tourism which is another reason why we love it so much.

Entrance to the beach

We walked the entire length of the island, it gets very narrow and ends with a beautiful sand bar. It looks like you can cross sand bars over to the neighbouring resort island Luxe, but there’s a deep channel splitting the sandbars so we didn’t try to cross. 

We loved this road that took us to the end of the island

One of the reasons we chose to visit Dhigurah is because the whale sharks are year round residents. We went on a few snorkelling trips in search of them and I did manage to see a faint shadow of one while it dove into deeper waters, but I still left feeling like I didn’t see one…a return trip might be in order! However, we did see some amazing creatures and coral.

On 2 out of 3 trips, we had this big boat to ourselves!

Diamondback squid egg mass that freaked me out!

Check out our snorkel video…


Our boat captain brought us to a sand bank in the middle of nowhere – wow! Apparently you can rent this little slice of paradise for the day or at least until high tide. 

Check out our sand bank snorkel video…


A resort island we saw on our snorkelling excursion. So happy we chose Dhigurah! 

I literally spent hours snorkelling from the beach, which by the way is not only good for the soul but good for the waistline too! 

Check out or snorkel video from the bikini beach…


Everywhere on the island we found these swinging chairs. Unlike other beach destinations, these chairs are for everyone to use – free. 

We enjoyed stunning sunrises daily on the beach in front of our villa. 

We watched equally beautiful sunsets a 5 minute walk from our villa to the other side of the island. 

We are so happy we chose Dhigurah island for our first trip to the Maldives. The island is pristine – the water is clear and warm – the locals are friendly and welcoming – it’s absolutely paradise! 

If you want to see more of the Dhigurah underwater world while listening to a great soundtrack then check out the full length video…


Where we stayed: Atollkey 👍

Snorkel excursions: Dhigurah Divers 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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4 Responses to Unspoiled Paradise – Dhigurah, Maldives – January, 2020

  1. Lorraine says:

    WOW what a trip and such a special Island. Beautiful pictures and videos. ❤️

  2. Tim McLean says:

    Awesome sound track and the video’s were a nice addition as well, looks absolutely drop dead georgeous.

    • admin says:

      Yes, isn’t the soundtrack great? Credit to Jim Marshall for that!! Glad you enjoyed the post… we could have just packed up and stayed there it was just so beautiful!

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