The Jewel of Kedah – Langkawi, Malaysia

For some unknown reason and definitely not intentional, I completely missed publishing this post! Sometimes I get a little sidetracked  Langkawi is certainly worth blogging about and we’ve been to the island twice, it’s a scenic mountainous little island that also happens to be duty free! Although happy to be on Langkawi, we did not get off to a fabulous start.

We arrived by ferry from the island of Penang and decided to rent a car for our entire stay – scammers are everywhere and we’ve never had problems with a rental car before but this time we were SCAMMED! We rented the car from a tour company at the jetty which should be okay…but it wasn’t. They told us they would pull the car up front so that we could load our luggage. So we paid our rental fee and right after they changed their mind and instead drove us to Pantai Cenang (the beach area where we were staying) and told us we would pick the car up there.  We thought this was strange, but then we thought it’s possible they have a rental office there and since we were staying in that area it might make sense, plus we would be dropping the car off at the airport which happened to be in the same area. We asked the lady who was driving a couple of times why we were going there to pick up the car and she just kept saying don’t worry, don’t worry, but meanwhile I was giving Gordon the ‘I’m kind of worried look’. When we arrived at the rental car, which happened to be parked on the street in front of a restaurant (red flag alert), the lady asked us to stay in her car while she started the rental car to cool it off for us (how nice of her). Then after a few minutes she came back and said “okay the car is ready”. Once we got out of her car and grabbed our bags, she just pointed to where the car was and took off. Once we saw the car we knew why she left so quickly. It was the most disgusting rental car we’ve ever seen, it was all wet inside, it stunk like a wet dog, the windows wouldn’t roll up, it was totally filthy, and it didn’t run properly. It was like being rented a car that had been stolen and trashed on the side of the road. We think they count on tourists to just accept the crappy car and not bother making the drive back to the jetty but we weren’t going to let them get away with it. Unfortunately, we had to drive the disgusting car back to the tour company at the Jetty and let me just say by the time we got there we were pissed off. We made them look at the car, then we demanded our money back, told them how unacceptable and deceitful the transaction was, and how we were quite aware that they were trying to scam us (we may have mentioned the tourist police a couple of times during our rant). A fellow at the rental place, who we didn’t deal with the first time, apologized profusely and said he would show us a new car and if we didn’t like it he would refund us. To his defence, he seemed like a nice guy that really didn’t seem to know what the hell had just happened. It turned out that the new car was perfectly fine and we agreed to continue on. Oh the joys of travel sometimes but everything works out in the end right?

There is a great park near the jetty in Kuah town that is worth a look. Also Langkawi Eagle Square is very close by, the huge eagle is one of the first things you see when arriving by ferry and it was built as an emblem of the island.

DSC_0009 DSC_0010

Finally with the rental car crap behind us, we set out to enjoy the island and our first stop was at the new cable car that takes you to the top of Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest mountain – the view was beautiful up there. At the base of the cable car there is a little village with shops and cafes.

DSC_0003 DSC_0018 DSC_0024 DSC_0007 DSC_0041

We hiked up to Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells Waterfall) and even though it was a little dry, the hike through the rainforest was nice.

DSC_0045 DSC_0075DSC_0071  DSC_0089

We really enjoyed the boat trip on the river through the mangroves the following day. We saw so many vipers coiled up in the trees, there are a lot of snakes on that island! We also saw a family of sea otters – I have never seen a sea otter before and they are pretty cute!

DSC_0130 DSC_0111 DSC_0181

We also visited a cave and how nice of that cave racer to greet us at the entrance – that was a bit freaky but apparently they aren’t venomous.


The boat took us through the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park. It’s developed on the oldest limestone in Malaysia – it was beautiful with all the different pinnacles and rainforest.

DSC_0151 DSC_0152 DSC_0154 DSC_0141

On our last day we drove around the island and checked out all the beaches and the countryside. There are many little villages and some unique shops to poke around in. Our favourite beach was Tanjung Rhu and there was nobody on it – that’s our kind of beach!

DSC_0052 DSC_0058 DSC_0062 DSC_0056

A beautiful malay style house we saw that I thought I could definitely enjoy living in!


Even though we got off to a bad start, we quite enjoyed ourselves on Langkawi and ended up having some good laughs about the rental car.

Where we stayed: NR Langkawi Motel 

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel






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6 Responses to The Jewel of Kedah – Langkawi, Malaysia

  1. Lorraine says:

    Very beautiful and interesting. I would also like to live in that house

  2. Kim Har says:

    Dear Tammy,

    It is nice that you are in Malaysia. I am Bruce Kosugi’s friend. Bruce and his sister’s family Bart & Karen Boniface were in KL last year and we met you in Kuching, Sarawak last year.

    Well if you are in KL just give us a buss and may be we can have a cup of coffee or a light lunch or dinner. I enjoy reading your lovely and enjoyable journey. Bye now.

    Kim Har

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Kim! Malaysia is a really fantastic country with so much to offer, I’m sure we will be back again! It would be really nice to meet up with you, we would like to return to Kuala Lumpur one of these days 🙂

  3. Kim Har says:

    In that case have fun and enjoy your Christmas and New Year with a BANG…Happy Holidays…..

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