The day Gordon brought me supper and….an eyebrow pencil in Bangkok

It’s now day 6 of my broken ankle and the most I can currently do is keep it elevated and apply ice several times a day. I’m really resting it trying to prepare for our departure to Japan in 3 days.

So today, I mention to Gordon that I need a new eyebrow pencil and we need to restock on hand sanitizer (especially now that I will have to hang on to every railing in sight). Since I married the sweetest guy on earth, he takes my old eye pencil and out the door he goes – shopping.

A short while later he comes back, he’s been to a few places where some nice Thai girls were helping him with the eye pencil thing but they didn’t have brown, only black, and he didn’t think I would want black.

So after a rest in the room, he heads out again but this time he takes the sky train to Central World (a large shopping mall in Bangkok). His intent was to buy me an eyebrow pencil, supper (phad thai gai), and maybe an external hard drive for our laptop. He was gone quite a while when finally I hear the door fly open and he quickly rushes into the room. Instead of phad thai gai (thai noodles with chicken), he’s got boiling hot soup in a take-a-way bag which he held tightly against himself because he was on a packed sky train during rush hour, and he really didn’t want to burn some innocent train rider. For those of you who are not familiar with take-a-way containers in Thailand, it doesn’t matter what you order, it gets put in a food grade (we hope food grade) plastic bag and closed at the top with an elastic.

He’s been back for over an hour now and he still has red spots on him from cradling the hot soup.

Poor guy – the soup was delicious – and I have the nicest eyebrow pencil I have EVER seen.

This is love…

Side note: Gordon says this would be a pretty good ice breaker to meet a Thai girl (he’s just kidding of course)-ha ha

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel


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6 Responses to The day Gordon brought me supper and….an eyebrow pencil in Bangkok

  1. Lisa says:

    Ah, Gord, you are a keeper 🙂
    I hope you are able to see some of Japan, Tammy. How frustrating for you!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Gord you are the best and Tammy you Do have the best husband and I have the best son-in-law Love you both mom

  3. Jim Marshall says:

    Sounds like Gord needs a beer, if only for a minute. Beer will help ease the pain, if you need an excuse, but then, who needs an excuse?

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