Thai Floating Markets – January, 2016

Your shopping experience in Thailand just wouldn’t be complete without visiting a floating market! Since my Mom was visiting us in Hua Hin, it was the perfect time to go for a market tour. We hired a car and driver for the day and hit the road very early so that we could make the most out of the morning at a very authentic Thai floating market – Tha Kha floating market. It’s a very old market in Samut Songkhram and it has gorgeous scenery along the palm lined canals.

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We truly enjoyed this market and we loved watching the wheeling and dealing going on between the locals. Even Gordon made a deal with a seller for some delicious jackfruit (Kanoon in thai).

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After taking it all in and doing a bit of shopping, we decided to take a little boat tour on the canals to see the rural area. It sure was beautiful and also quite interesting to see how they use the canals to irrigate the palm and fruit plantations.

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After our boat tour, we had our driver take us to visit Bang Kung Camp. It was an interesting place, the grounds were used as a fort during the 18th century battle between Siam and the Burmese. There is also a beautiful Buddhist temple here that is completely encased by a banyan tree.

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There were some other nice buildings on the grounds to see along with exercise equipment in case you need to squeeze in a little workout!

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Since we had a little break from shopping, we decided to head over to the next floating market – Amphawa floating market. This is a very popular market with the locals and it was really busy when we showed up. We loved the boats that were moored on the side of the river serving up huge prawns, shellfish, and squid. We tried to book ourselves on the foot massage boat but unfortunately it wasn’t taking customers until early evening and we had planned to be on our way home by then – maybe next time!

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While driving, we saw this beautiful temple but we didn’t go inside.


Our last stop of the day was a quick one to see the monument of Chang and Eng Bunker, the famous siamese twins. The story about them is quite interesting and it’s amazing they led a pretty normal life. Both were married and Chang and his wife had 11 children, and Eng and his wife had 10 children.


We had a great day out and our driver Bao was so friendly and kindhearted!


Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel



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10 Responses to Thai Floating Markets – January, 2016

  1. Lorraine says:

    So beautiful what a special day we had and our driver was just great

  2. Kim Har says:

    Dear Tammy and Gordon,

    You should visit Chiang Khan and it is a very remote area and near to Laos Border. It is an hour flight to Loei and from there you can visit some beautiful area. I just came back from there and the homestay is very pleasant and clean. It was cold when I visited that area about 9 degrees. The local people are friendly and it lovely to see the Mekong River. I was there to rehabilitate the river.

    Have fun in Thailand.

  3. Jim Marshall says:

    Nice photo’s! I like the one where Gord helped to subdue the bad guy! A hero, to be sure.

  4. Bruce says:

    Black and white film just wouldn’t do for your adventures! It looked like there were some incredible eats floating by at the market!

  5. lunamare says:

    Love your photos and article !
    If you had to choose just one market, which would it be ?
    You’re driver seems really nice (the way you talk about him) – any chance you could give me the name of the company ?

    Thanks again for sharing :))

    • admin says:

      Thank you! For me personally, I loved Tha Kha market, it felt more authentic even though it was small, and they row the boats instead of using motorized boats. It was much more peaceful. If you’re looking for seafood dining options and souvenirs then I would say Amphawa would be better for those things. It is easy to do both of these markets the same day though.
      Our driver was really great and his name is Bao, his father runs a taxi service in Hua Hin, his name is Som. You can usually find them around the G Hua Hin Resort near Soi 94 or slightly past that towards Market Village. Sorry I don’t have a phone number for them. We just knew them from walking past them all the time ?

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