Symi Island – Old World Charm in the Dodecanese Islands, Greece – October, 2018

We took the ferry from Rhodes Town and visited Symi Island for the day. What a little gem this island is, we loved it. The harbour in Gialos is really beautiful and many yachts anchor here for a holiday from nearby Turkey.

Symi was once home to some of the world’s most famous sponge divers. The value of their harvest was so great that Symi became one of the richest seaports in the Mediterranean. Now there really is no diving and it is strictly prohibited to protect the archeological treasures that remain off shore. You are allowed to snorkel though. Currently sea sponges are not very plentiful but I did read they are slowly making a comeback. We were also surprised to see coral for sale (we didn’t expect to see this in Europe). Please don’t buy the coral, instead go snorkeling and enjoy seeing it where it should be – in the sea!

A fun thing to do is take the Kali Strata (500 or more steps) from Gialo to Horio (upper Symi). At one time it was the only way to get from one town to the other.  The Kali Strata was once the most beautiful and wealthiest part of town. The views from the top are worth every step!

These stone mosaics were unbelievable – they looked like a carpet!

Street cats are everywhere in Greece! They are cute but you need to watch where you’re stepping.

From Upper Symi we walked down to Pedi Beach. It was cute but unless you are beaching for the day, there wasn’t too much to see. It was a nice walk through the village all the way there though. From Pedi Beach we were able to catch a bus back to Gialos.

Our host in Rhodes told us that we MUST try the famous Symi shrimps….we tried them but honestly I don’t really know why they are famous. After some lunch we saw a tram that went the opposite way around the island that we had not seen yet. Gordon, yes it was his idea, said we should go. Here he is enjoying his squishy tram ride – the scenery was stunning though.

Steps from the road going down to the sea…

The guide on the tram said that there are ruins in the sea in this particular area. Add to my ever growing bucket list to one day snorkel over top of some ruins!

Symi is a beautiful island that is definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area, we really had a great time on this little gem!

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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