Sometimes They Don’t Serve Beer

Every once in awhile you may find yourself chillaxing in a place that is so amazingly stunning, so unique, so perfect, but they don’t serve beer.
This happened to me in November 2011 when I was able to realize a long time dream of mine. During a trip to Tanzania we booked an excursion on a Serengeti Balloon Safari, something I had wanted to do since the moment I found out they did such a thing. We were picked up from our tented camp early morning while it was still dark and then shuttled to the balloon departure point.

After an utterly amazing experience flying over the Serengeti (subject of an upcoming post), we were shuttled a short distance from the landing site to a lovely spot under an acacia tree with 360 degree views of the Serengeti National Park around us. This I thought would be the perfect spot to enjoy a Serengeti Premium Lager and reflect on a dream finally fulfilled! But as it was only 9 AM and tradition dictated they serve champagne (free flowing I might add) who was I to complain that they didn’t serve beer?

DSC_0488 DSC_0497 DSC_0480

Written by: Gordon Hermann



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2 Responses to Sometimes They Don’t Serve Beer

  1. Jim Marshall says:

    “I have quite an extensive history with beer and was even recognized for my impeccable taste way back in 1985”

    This is whom you are Gord, so you would not be out of place to recommend a brew, for those of impeccable taste.
    Sounds like an awesome experience down there, just the same!

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