Small Diversion From Beer

Okay, so this is not quite a Beer Minute. There are times when I drink something other than beer. My second preference after beer would have to be Tequila. I have been told that I make the best margaritas and I would have to whole heartedly agree! I can’t take all the credit though because my recipe is fairly similar to the “Margaritaville”, “Who’s to Blame” margarita. The shaking procedure is what makes the magic happen but you have to have all the right ingredients or it’s just another drink. In my opinion the Triple Sec is the key ingredient to the perfect margarita. You have to use just the right amount for your concoction to taste like the best margarita you ever had. While on Curacao I decided it was only prudent to tour the famous Blue Curacao Triple Sec factory to see what makes this ingredient so vital to the perfect margarita. To make a long story short, the Spaniards tried to grow oranges on Curacao as a cure for scurvy. It was way too hot and the oranges shrivelled up and morphed into this special little orange that only grows on Curacao. One day a guy steps on an orange and liked the smell that came from the squished peel. He peels them, dries them, and of course adds alcohol and voila, Triple Sec! Only the Triple Sec from Curacao is the authentic version, all other Triple Sec’s use artificial flavours to duplicate the flavour of the Curacao orange.


Donde esta Gordon?


I really like beer and I really like tequila so why not mix the two and see what happens? Well as luck would have it the Dutch have done it for me. The Dutch you say? Not the Mexicans? Well, that’s what I said when I saw “Desperados” on the grocery store shelf. Of course I had to try them and they were quite refreshing! It doesn’t taste like beer, it doesn’t taste like tequila, and it is a little too sweet for my preference. I think maybe they forgot the Triple Sec! I think I may work on this recipe though. I’ll let you know if it works out.


Written by: Gordon Hermann
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6 Responses to Small Diversion From Beer

  1. Mom says:

    Now that’s my drink you make the best🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸.
    Great article and pictures

  2. eric says:

    Great Gord!!!!

  3. Tim says:

    The story of the Triple Sec proves yet again some of the world’s greatest inventions are the result of serendipitous discovery.

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