Size Does Matter

When you order a beer what is your preferred size? I know, I know, “it depends” right? It depends on the reason you’ve gone for a beer in the first place. Some reasons require a small glass of beer, others require a cooling tower full of beer, and there are specific reasons for every different quantity available. I guess there are so many size options available because size really does matter.

I usually order in the 600 to 700 millilitre range. For me, it’s a versatile choice that is adequate for many different situations. It’s not so large that beer temperature becomes a problem near the end and not so small that you always have to keep an eye on your server so you can plan your next one.On a trip to Cuba once I ran into a rare occurrence where there were no adequately sized vessels for my beer order. We were spending some time at a beach resort and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to relax with a cold brew on the beach and enjoy looking out at the sea. I went to get beers from the beach bar and to my horror the only option was draft beer in a 200 millilitre plastic glass. Because I was ordering for 4 people I wasn’t able to carry 4 back to the beach for myself, and even if I had, beer does not stay cool in a small clear plastic glass very long.

Luckily a solution to my dilemma was spotted a short distance down the beach. A vender was selling large hand crafted bamboo mugs with different decorations carved on them. It looked like the perfect solution and I quickly bought the one with “Che Guevara” carved on it. I proudly went back to the beach bar where they kindly washed my new mug and filled it with Cristal beer, now I was set. I enjoyed my first mug of beer with Che immensely. The second however, not so much. In my haste to secure an appropriate beverage vessel I neglected to ask anything about how the inside of the bamboo was finished to make it beer tight. Half way through my second mug I was drinking a slurry of beer, glue, lacquer, and whatever else they had used to make the inside of the mug look shiny. So in conclusion, this is one time when I wish size didn’t matter!

Gordon Beer Minute 2


Written by: Gordon Hermann



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4 Responses to Size Does Matter

  1. Lorraine says:

    first you must find a collapsable glass in a perfect size for your one minute beer and also fits in your backpack it will solve the problem for the future and you will always be prepared

  2. Jim Marshall says:

    It’s hard to stay on a GLUE ton free diet over there !!
    I guess that beer will STICK with you for awhile.
    Whatever they LACK OR don’t have, you will find a alternative. You’ve always been good at improvising.

  3. Tim McLean says:

    200ml? Is that like a shot glass? Maybe it is a “sipping” beer, like a fine whisky. You are meant to inhale the subtle aroma, savour the sublime flavours with each sip, use your highly refined taste buds to analyze hops, grains, brewing process…nah, beer is just beer in an unfortunately too small glass.

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