“Size Does Matter” 2.0

It’s been a while since the topic of beer vessel size has been on my mind. I have spent a lot of time in South East Asia the past 3 years and I was very content with the availability of beer in the 500+ millilitre size. This year we’re traveling through South America and began our journey on Aruba and Curacao because it was an easy enroute stopover. When I ordered my first beer at a restaurant in Aruba I thought I was being “punked”. They brought me a local beer Balashi Chill (which is quite good by the way) that measured out at OMG, 22 centilitres! After adjusting my glasses hoping somehow that would enlarge my beer, I drank it down and ordered another. I have heard stories of people’s 500+ millilitre beers getting warm on them before they’ve finished…but 22 centilitres, come on! I was also confused why they would use centilitres, 22 centilitres just makes it seem even smaller than 220 millilitres would have. I discussed with a very good friend of mine and colleague from my maintenance days how we could reduce the breweries maintenance costs 66% just by slowing down their production line and filling 66 centilitre bottles instead of 22 centilitre bottles.

If you look closely you'll see the beer in my hand

If you look closely you’ll see the beer in my hand


Enjoying a Presidente at Grote Knip beach, Curacao


Enjoying another Presidente at Copa Cabana cafe in Punda, Curacao

I did however come to terms with the Netherland Antilles’ small beer syndrome because it does have it’s advantages.

1) They are small volume bottles so when you bring them home from the supermarket you can get them cold really fast, and when they’re cold anyone can finish them before they get warm even my Mother-In-Law.
2) The 22 centilitre bottle is perfect for those who have limited fridge space. You can always fit a dozen or so of those little bottles in, even after you think there’s no more room.
3) If you tell a cop “I only had a six pack” he’ll say “OK, have a good night”.

I did find a nice Dutch Caribbean beer (Amstel Bright) that’s almost 28 centilitres. That’s like an extra beer in every six pack. Needless to say, that’s the one I’ve been buying most. Give it a try if you see it somewhere.


Enjoying my Caribbean beer of choice Amstel Bright at Pelicans Nest on Palm Beach, Aruba

I’ve had beers that were named after countries and cities but never war heroes, so I had to try one of these.

This beer is namd after Curacao hero Luis Brion who fought for South American independence, but with its foul aroma and bitter after taste...maybe they should have called it "The Donald"!

This beer is namd after Curacao hero Luis Brion who fought for South American independence, but with its foul aroma and bitter after taste…maybe they should have called it “The Donald”!

Written by: Gordon Hermann
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4 Responses to “Size Does Matter” 2.0

  1. eric says:

    Hello Gord.
    I just read your review and I can imagine your surprise on the 22 cl beers. As with the shops opening hours, you are caught again in yhe “Dutch” way of living they use in Netherlands Antilles: you should the glasses in the pubs in Holland: it looks like they are made for midgets! have fun and a lot of beer moments during your journey through the South Americas.

  2. eric says:

    I advice you to come to Belgium: the glasses are bigger, the beer is cheaper and the number of beers is at least 10 times more than in Holland. Have fun and a lot of beer moments on your journey

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