Rhodes Old Town – The Medieval City – Rhodes Island, Greece – October, 2018

There are no words that I can think of that fully describe what it’s like to stay in this medieval city. When you step inside the walls of the Old Town of Rhodes, you immediately get the sense that you have travelled back in time. It’s the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All I can say is that it was incredible and we were in a state of awe the entire time.

There are several gates to enter the Medieval City and all of them were visually stunning and different. It’s definitely worth seeing all of them.

This was the gate near the Medieval Inn where we stayed.

Inside the medieval city walls are approximately 200 lanes and you can get completely lost here, but in a good way. There’s so much to see and all the little lanes are made out of small round stones, it’s very cool.

There are oodles of little restaurants and cafes in the Old Town as well as gelato stands (which we had to sample). There are many shops selling all kinds of things, from greek souvenirs to olive oil, olives, and beautiful jewellery.

The most famous street is the Street of Knights. It’s one of the best preserved streets and was constructed over an ancient pathway from the Acropolis of Rhodes to the Port. In the early 16th century, many nations had inns here which housed Knights who belonged to the Order of St. John.  

You can’t miss a visit to the Palace of the Grand Masters! Knights came to live here in the 11th century and were originally known as Hospitallers. The order was made up of a brotherhood of knights who served under a Grand Master elected for life. Today, the order which the Knights belonged to still exists, Grand Master and all. There is still a select group of people who get to list ‘Knight’ as their occupation. Can you imagine being a Knight? Inside the Palace is an impressive collection of some the most important archeological findings of the eastern Mediterranean.

Enormous oriental vase that made it’s way from the far east hundreds of years ago – amazing!

Incredible mosaic of Medusa

After our visit to the Palace, we wandered through the Archeological Museum. It’s housed in the medieval building of the Hospital of Knights. It has a fantastic collection of sculptures and mosaic floors.

To truly appreciate how remarkable this medieval city is, a walk around the moat and on the city wall are highly recommended.

There are a number of things to see outside the medieval city walls. The windmills at the port are very picturesque.

The Colossus of Rhodes is quite an interesting story and it’s one of the 7 wonders of the world. Apparently the 31 meter statue of Helios straddled across the entrance of the harbour with the ships passing underneath its legs. Some people say that it’s more likely it stood on dry land near the Grand Master Palace. In any event, it fell in the earthquake of 266 BC.

The Colossus of Rhodes stood where these two bronze deer statues are located

Can you imagine the Colossus of Rhodes straddling this entrance to the harbour?

Gordon is trying to see pieces of the Colossus of Rhodes in the water but no such luck

We passed by the Evangelismos church on our way back from the harbour. It was built during the Italian occupation.

We did a big loop walk to the Rhodes Stadium and Acropolis, passing by the beach area on our way back to the Old Town. Unfortunately the Acropolis was completely covered in scaffolding, undergoing a renovation. The stadium was nice to see and it’s still in use today.

The beaches are different here, most of them are covered in stones instead of sand. We could understand why the old town was paved with these small round stones, we think they came from the beach. The sea was beautiful and much warmer than I had expected for this time of year, I was wishing I had my swim suit on!

I managed to find some sand

The Old Town is beautiful at night and it’s definitely worth walking around to see the magnificent architecture bathed in soft lights. There was something really magical about it.

Staying in this medieval city far exceeded our expectations and we are so glad we were able to spend a good amount of time here. We highly recommend a visit to this magnificent place!

Where we stayed: Medieval Inn 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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