Pretty little Sopron, Hungary – November, 2021

Sopron is a beautiful little city at the foot of the Alps bordering Austria. Sopron is a magical place full of elegant buildings with an interesting history. Sopron and the hills around it have been inhabited since the 6th century. The fact that we stayed in a refurbished flat from 1485 made our stay extra special!

The Firewatch Tower is a symbol of the town. It was built in the 13th century on the remains of the Roman age town wall. It’s also a great symbol of loyalty because in a referendum held in 1921, Sopron and eight villages decided to remain part of Hungary instead of Austria. It’s a beautiful landmark both during the day and at night.

The main square is lovely and it’s interesting that this part of Western Hungary was a province of the Roman Empire. During that time, the city was called Scarbantia. The forum was located here, at the main square.  

The (Benedictine) Goat Church was built in the 13th century. It’s called ‘Goat Church’ because apparently a grazing goat unearthed a buried treasure and then the church was built. The inside of the church is very beautiful!

Just outside of the church is the Holy Trinity statue. The votive monument was offered by survivors of the plague. 

The church of St. Michael dating back to the 13th century is the oldest church in Sopron. It was very close to our flat. 

Orsolya Square is one of the oldest squares in Sopron. It used to be the salt market in medieval times. 

We enjoyed the path around the uncovered city walls that date back to the Roman period. 

Lucky for us the Christmas market was just beginning and this was the first Christmas market we visited while in Hungary.

We immediately loved Sopron and it felt a bit like home to us!

Written by: Tammy Hermann
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4 Responses to Pretty little Sopron, Hungary – November, 2021

  1. Lorraine says:

    Very beautiful and the history is so interesting❤️

  2. Tim McLean says:

    You guys looked so cold! Must have been an adjustment for folks from warmer climes. Town looks lovely though. Thanks for sharing.

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