Phuket Old Town & Kata Beach – Phuket, Thailand – February 2018

We took a week and flew down to Phuket with Tom and Laurie, it had been many years since we had been there and we were curious to see what it was like now. It was a busy place and the traffic was insane going from the airport to Kata Beach not to mention that our taxi driver did nothing to hide his own frustration with the traffic, but I will say that both of us find Canadian road rage worse. Majority of the traffic problem was due to the new construction of a light rail system but when it’s completed it will be very convenient and alleviate a lot of the traffic issues on the island. 

We stayed in a small Thai Guesthouse at Kata Beach with one of the sweetest and caring owners, Sam.

Sam in front of his childhood school in Old Phuket Town

Kata Beach is beautiful with a warm, clear, and inviting sea to float around in. The sea was flat like a lake while we were there which made for some fantastic swim time. The town itself is fairly busy with a lot of restaurants and little shops. We spent almost every day lazing on the beach and swimming in the beautiful Andaman Sea. 

On one of our days there Gordon and I walked over to Kata Noi, it’s located next to Kata Beach but it’s quite a climb up a steep road to get over there. Worth it? Most definitely! It was much quieter then Kata Beach and very beautiful. The bay is not as protected though so there can be a bit of wave action there.

We happened to be on the island for Chinese New Year and I had read online about festivities that would be taking place in Phuket town so we decided to check it out. Epic fail, apparently the info that I found gave the wrong dates – I double checked this later and the year was right but for some reason the days were listed incorrectly. We did see a few decorations and enjoyed the architecture of the old town. We also popped in on the Indy Night Market. We sampled some fantastic chinese dumplings at this market and enjoyed some live music. 

On a different night Sam (the owner of the guesthouse) offered to take us and a couple of other guests to the Phuket Weekend Market located in Phuket Old Town. This market was very busy and there was a lot of food to try that is different from other areas in Thailand. 

All in all a nice trip to Phuket and we enjoyed our beach time! Oh and yes the sunsets were fabulous too 😎

Where we stayed: Kata Bai D 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel






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  1. Lorraine says:

    Looks like it was a very enjoyable time. Very nicd

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