Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s Pearl Island – January, 2018

When we travelled Vietnam two years ago we ran short on time to visit the popular island of Phu Quoc. As it turned out it was necessary for us to do a visa run from Thailand, and since my Mom was coming for a visit, we thought this island would be a great option. It ticked all the boxes for a week away and we could fly direct from Bangkok with Bangkok Airways.

We stayed on Long Beach (the busiest and most popular beach) and it was a great choice. The beach was beautiful, the sea was warm and clear, and we had so many choices of restaurants in the immediate area. This is also the best beach for sunset. 

One night we waited for it to be dark and ventured along the beach looking for the bioluminescent plankton but we only saw a few – I guess it wasn’t the right time or the right moon phase. 

We mostly lazed on the beach but we did manage to do a few things while on the island.

We visited the night market in Duong Dong but I found it to be a bit underwhelming, there wasn’t too much to see. The vendors were all selling the same things and that goes for the food stalls as well. In my opinion the day market was much more authentic and interesting. 

Interesting day market and an interesting spot to take a nap!

We hired a car and driver to tour us around the island. For the entire day it cost $80 dollars and we saw a lot during that time. Most of the northern part of Phu Quoc is National Park and it was nice to see that they have taken steps to protect much of the island. We took a short walk through the forest here. 

This is a tarantula den – yikes!

One of the most difficult memorials to see of the Vietnam War is found at the Phu Quoc Prison which was built around 1950. It was the largest prisoner camp in the south of Vietnam back in 1973. The site is hard to visit and it’s quite graphic in depicting the life and history of the prisoners. 

After our emotional visit to the prison we made a stop to see Bai Sao, most people say this is the most beautiful beach on Phu Quoc. It was nice, with white powdery sand, but we much preferred Long Beach. I suppose the time of year might be a factor but we found Bai Sao had too much trash on it and the line of beach loungers really took away from the beauty here. 

We visited a pepper farm, not only is Phu Quoc famous for its fish sauce (which is delicious by the way and I don’t normally care for fish sauce), it is famous for the high quality of peppercorns produced here. 

We made a quick stop to see Ho Quoc Temple and Pagoda. This is the islands largest temple compound. The setting against the sea was beautiful. 

One stop we made that probably could have been missed was at Hon Mot – Monkey Bridge Island. There really wasn’t much to see here but trying out the bridge was fun and so were the tire swings! 

Our last stop was at Starfish Beach. The setting here was really pretty and you could enjoy seafood from the restaurant on stilts and then enjoy all the starfish while swimming. 

My Mom and I booked a full day snorkel trip with a dive operator that took us to the northern side of Phu Quoc. We had a fantastic day and the snorkelling was much nicer than I had expected! 

We certainly enjoyed ourselves, we ate good seafood and had a very relaxing time! 

My Mom is enjoying the famous Phu Quoc Flower Crab.

Where we stayed: Phu Quoc Ocean Pearl 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel




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  1. Lorraine says:

    Sure was a great trip enjoyed it very much another tick to my travels. Thank you for picking this Island beautiful love mom❤️

  2. eric van opdenbosch says:

    Oh Tammy, again a destination on my bucket list to go with Arm

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