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We caught the travel bug a long time ago and always knew that we wanted to afford ourselves more time to explore this beautiful world. We knew that we didn’t want to look back one day with regrets, so we gave up everything that weighed us down. With a lot of planning and a certain amount of sacrifice we were very fortunate to be able to retire early (Tammy at age 45 and Gordon at age 50). In early 2013 we did it, we left office spaces for exotic places and we are free2explore!

We have a passion for all things travel. We love nature, wildlife, history, food, and beer…yes beer. We are not perfectly seasoned travelers and we do get lost on occasion, but we have found that getting lost brings with it a chance to see the unexpected. 

We created this blog to capture the amazing places we’ve been and the beautiful cultures we have learned so much from. We hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and to “collect experiences not things”.




6 Responses to Our Story

  1. Connie Vecchio Britton says:

    Im so happy to read of this!!! So great for you guys, well done!! Congrats and enjoy, I look forward to following along on your amazing adventures!! Take care and safe travels

  2. na says:

    i didn’t know that i had a chance to meet two great couple. Hope one day you will spend overnight in yenduc village. take care and get luck

  3. Robert Liek says:

    Looking forward to hearing about Cyprus.
    Thailand misses you.

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