No roads, no shoes, no problem – Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Ko Phi Phi is such a picturesque island and it’s definitely on everyone’s must see list when they visit Thailand, including ours. This was our second time visiting Ko Phi Phi and this time we visited the island with my Mom and my Aunt.  We definitely noticed how much busier it has become since our last visit in 2007. Even though it has changed somewhat, it’s still a very beautiful island with limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, and clear turquoise waters. Fortunately there are still some quiet spots that can be found away from the main beach area and Ton Sai village.

We arrived by ferry from Krabi, yes they really pack the ferries this full and good luck finding your bag if it’s on the bottom of the pile – thankfully Gordon put ours in a strategic spot so that we could actually get our bags and get off the boat quickly. We were picked up at the pier at Ton Sai beach and taken to our bungalow by longtail boat.

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There aren’t really any roads on Phi Phi island, so most people get around by longtail boat or by walking along many of the marked paths that criss cross the island. We stayed in an area that was located between Ton Sai village and Long Beach, it was easy walking distance to either place which was quite handy. Our resort had two very nice secluded beaches with white sand and that beautiful clear water that we love and both beaches were not overly crowded – yay!

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Our resort was quiet other than an extremely noisy rooster that crowed ALL night long, we didn’t get a lot of sleep because of that bad rooster! My Aunt paid him back for that though, at one point during the day while the rooster was trying to sleep, she chased it around and kept it awake while trying to take a picture of him – I think he got the message 

IMG_0674 IMG_0675

One thing that everyone seems to do while visiting Ko Phi Phi is a boat trip over to Phi Phi Leh to visit the famous Maya Bay (where the movie “The Beach” was filmed). It is a stunning bay surrounded by limestone cliffs and it has a really beautiful beach but unfortunately it was super packed when we went and it was really hard to enjoy it because of that (it was not even close to being that busy on our first visit several years ago).

DSCN1859 DSCN1870 DSC_0093 Edited DSC_0105 DSCN1864Thailand 00085 Thailand 00082

After visiting Maya Bay, we toured around the island by boat and took in the gorgeous scenery.

DSC_0085 IMG_0652 IMG_0649 DSCN1865

A really nice thing to do while visiting the island is to hike up to the Phi Phi Viewpoint, it’s definitely worth all the steps up there!

DSC_0127 DSC_0129

We spent the rest of our days beaching, snorkeling, and walking the beautiful paths on the island.

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Where we stayed: Viking Natures Resort 

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel




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  1. Lorraine says:

    That was a great Island loved it

  2. Lisa says:

    We loved this one too. I loved that there were no cars! I’m feeling nostalgic for it now. Thanks for the post 🙂

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