Nicosia, Cyprus – A Divided Capital – February, 2022

Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, is the last divided capital in the world. It’s a walled city that has many historical sites. The city is split in two by the ‘Green Line’, the border zone that symbolizes the crisis that continues to divide the island of Cyprus. One half of the capital belongs to the Republic of Cyprus and the other half belongs to the self proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The old city of Nicosia is surrounded by the old Venetian walls. We especially liked the Famagusta Gate. 

The Liberty Monument is nearby the Famagusta Gate. It’s an interesting monument.

This was the residence of the most prominent Dragoman of Cyprus, Hatzigeorgakis Kornesios, who was executed by the Ottomans in 1809. The gold plated carved ceiling is beautiful! 

St. Johns Cathedral was built in 1662 on the site of an old Benedictine Chapel. 

Panagia Chrysaliniotissa Church is believed to be the oldest Byzantine church in Nicosia. It’s estimated to have been built in 1450. 

It’s an interesting city to meander around. We really liked the old warehouse looking shops. 

The old Hammam baths are still being used today and a part of the building is a spa. 

There is also a modern side to Nicosia. This park in the old town looks a bit space age. 

We enjoyed our day in Nicosia! 

Written by: Tammy Hermann 
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  1. Lorraine says:

    Gorgeous and very interesting. Such a great history
    Great photography❤️

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