Mandalay is a great city, but…

I think just about everyone would agree that one of the best times for a Beer Minute is at sunset. I think the sun is probably the most photographed subject in the world. At different times all over the world countless numbers of people are taking pictures of the sun going up or going down. There are probably even different people taking pictures of the sun going up and going down at exactly the same time. I’ve enjoyed many sunset beer minutes (a few sun rise ones too…but we won’t go there) in the mountains, in the prairies, and at historical sites but it’s tough to beat a sunset beer minute at a beautiful beach! I took a very memorable beer minute recently while at Ngapali beach on the Bay of Bengal in Myanmar with a nice cold Mandalay Beer.

DSC_0154 DSC_0168

Mandalay Beer in my opinion has a little too much after taste and is not as satisfying as Myanmar Beer (I guess that’s why it only has a city named after it), but a great sunset can help even a mediocre beer taste just fine!

Written by: Gordon Hermann


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4 Responses to Mandalay is a great city, but…

  1. lorraine says:

    As usual a great review and I agree nothing like a sunset and a drink. .

  2. van opdenbosch eric says:

    Wait till you taste the Belgian beer I’ll bring for you end of year. And we do not name it after our country because, obviously, everybody know that there is only one real beer country in the world: yep, Belgium.

    • admin says:

      I look forward to sharing a Belgium beer minute or two with you later this year! My travels haven’t taken me to Europe yet so your Belgium offerings will become the standard to judge the European beers by 🙂

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