Landslides And Waterfalls In The Most Beautiful Pueblo – Jardin, Colombia- November, 2016

We decided to spend a few days in the small town of Jardin, which translates to ‘garden’ and the name couldn’t be more fitting. Jardin has remained unchanged for more than a century. It’s around 4 hours
by bus from Medellin and if time permits then this beautiful town shouldn’t be missed. It was a highlight for us and it was our favourite town in Colombia. The scenery literally took our breath away. I took several photos while on the bus, it was just so pretty. 


The bus dropped us off right in front of the main plaza. The plaza was lined with cafes and there were a number of locals sitting out street-side enjoying a cup of tinto (coffee). In fact that is the thing to do in Jardin, find your favourite café and sip on a great cup of tinto. It’s a place where locals still ride their horse in to town to socialize. 


Our guesthouse overlooked the main square and we had a huge wrap around balcony to enjoy the view from. Something to consider, if you stay right on the main square the church bells might wake you up incredibly early – they start ringing at 5am. The church is stunning though. 


After we got settled in we took a walk with our guesthouse owner to see the Rupicola Peruvianus. These birds were a stunning red but they look kind of strange, as if they don’t have a beak. They are also really loud so you can’t miss them.


The next day we decided to join another couple and go by horseback to visit the Chorro Blanco (White Waterfall). It has been a really long time since I have ridden a horse but luckily my horse was a sweetheart and she was good to me. The trail was very muddy so trekking would have been out of the question and we did have to go through some sketchy spots with the horse which was a bit freaky. There were multiple times when I saw Gordon’s horse slip and trip on this journey. The scenery we saw was unbelievable, it was like Shangri-La. We were so high up in the mountains and the views into the valley below were unreal.


Finally a couple of hours later we arrived at the waterfall. By this time my butt was killing me. I hopped off my horse only to find out that it was a hike up a steep hill in really muddy conditions and by the smell, it wasn’t only mud! We hiked up the hill, slipping and sliding along the way. It wasn’t too bad until our guide showed us that we had to slither through a dripping wet tunnel to reach the waterfall – oh boy! We slithered through the opening and immediately we were behind the waterfall. What an awesome view looking through the falling water! 


Gordon and I stopped to dry our camera off from the waterfall spray when we heard a huge bang! It made me shriek REALLY loud!! A landslide happened right in front of us! It had rained alot the night before, and a chunk of land at the top of the waterfall came crashing down. Our guide along with the other couple came racing back to see if we were okay. We were fine but I was shaking a bit from having that happen just a little too close for comfort.  At this point our guide was really worried and talking a mile a minute in spanish (he did not speak any english) and practically hugging me. Then he pointed at the sky saying we have guardian angels, I would agree with that! He was quite worried that another landslide might happen and trap us from getting out from the waterfall, so he rushed us out of there and we all had to slither back through the rock tunnel. We all got out safe and sound, the waterfall was great but maybe the rainy season isn’t the best time to visit! 


We rode back through coffee and banana plantations and my horse just wouldn’t stop eating, apparently she loves bananas!


The next morning, after our great cup or two of tinto in the square and a meal of Bunuelos (which I’m crazy about), we took the old cable car across the valley. The cable car is called ‘La Garrucha’. It looked pretty sketchy but I figured if these young girls can ride it then so can I. 


From the top of the cable car, we took a trail called ‘Camino de la Herrera’ back to town. On the way we saw these gorgeous birds – Andean Motmot.


We also passed two nice waterfalls along with beautiful scenery. 


The rest of our time in Jardin was spent meandering the streets, sitting in the square, and just enjoying life in ‘the most beautiful pueblo’. 


We would highly recommend a visit to Jardin, in fact it’s a ‘must see’ while in Colombia. 

Where we stayed: Jardin Eco Tours 👎

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel







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4 Responses to Landslides And Waterfalls In The Most Beautiful Pueblo – Jardin, Colombia- November, 2016

  1. Mom says:

    What a scenery so beautiful. Glad you were OK after that slide too close for comfort. Such a beautiful town and the church is so nice. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures. Love you mom

  2. Gary and Maria says:

    Once again some stunning photos! Looks and sounds like you are having a great time. Do you rely on free wifi to upload your blog or do you buy a ‘bundle ‘??

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