Lake of the Hanging Glacier-Invermere, British Columbia-Canada

If you have EVER wanted to do an epic day hike then this one should be on your list! I will say that getting to the trailhead is a trek in its own right and you should really go by four wheel drive especially if it has been raining. 

It was so awesome to share this incredible hike with Gordon’s brother Tony and his wife Sandy. We were sort of told that the hike was moderate but I would rate it as difficult given the fact that it’s a steady incline (the elevation gain is 720 meters) and that we had to cross a pretty substantial avalanche area that wiped out a section of the trail. The hike is 16 kilometers roundtrip and you should allow enough time to sit around at the top and soak in the views. We definitely should have left earlier but we didn’t realize how long it would take us to drive to the trailhead – the road was not in great condition. 

Here we are at the trailhead, make sure to sign in with the names of all hikers and the time you started your hike. 

The scenery was spectacular right from the beginning of the hike. If you can time it right then you’ll see all the wildflowers in bloom.

Gordon says “does it get any better than this?”

We climbed and climbed for quite some time until we reached Hellroaring Creek and Horsethief Creek. There are good metal bridges in place to cross. 

After the crossings we ascendud up a series of switchbacks that ran along what seemed like a never ending waterfall – absolutely amazing scenery! 

We were relieved to be finished with all the switchbacks and entered into an area of alpine meadows. 

Soon after the alpine meadows and the treacherous avalanche crossing, we caught a glimpse of the glacier. Don’t get too excited because there’s a large area of boulders to cross before reaching the lake! 

At the top of the boulders was the best reward, the lake of the hanging glacier. That moment you realize it was worth the effort! What a feast for the senses! It was breathtaking and quite a bit chilly up there.

An end to a perfect day!

But then we had to go down and oh my aching knees not to mention it had started to rain so we arrived at the truck cold and wet. Apparently there was a little storm while we were on our hike – we had to do a little off-roading to circumvent the fallen trees (not one but two trees) on the road, that’s why a four wheel drive makes good sense! 

An amazing sky on the way home topped the day! 

This was one exhilerating hike that won’t be forgotton and may I just mention that Canada is really incredible with her wide open spaces and wild untouched wilderness – I’m a happy Canadian! 

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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  1. Tim says:

    Very nice! Liked the ice bergs floating in the water.

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