In search of the China Beer Minute – Part 2 Beijing

I arrived in Beijing with a new found appreciation for Chinese beer and my quest for a China Beer Minute. With my recently acquired knowledge of Chinese beer I was sure I’d be enjoying my well deserved beverage breaks in true beer minute fashion much more frequently.

While in Beijing we stayed in an area with historical ancient Hutong’s (alleys). I came across a craft beer shop that I thought was pretty cool but I wasn’t feeling the proper vibe there to stop for a beer.


There was a decent local restaurant in the Hutong we stayed at that served cheap cold beer. It was a  great place to have a nice meal, relax with a cold beer, and watch local life in the Hutong pass by. I did enjoy a few beers here but it still wasn’t what I consider beer minute atmosphere.


Hind sight being 20/20 I did miss the perfect opportunity while visiting the Great Wall. I could have purchased an ice cold beer from a vender stationed at one of the towers and found a peaceful spot with an amazing view for the ultimate” Beer Minute”. But I didn’t? I was so awe-struck by the magnificence of the Great Wall that I didn’t even think about stopping for a beer (I know, I don’t believe it either)!


Due to my own negligence I was unable to get a China beer minute in Beijing (sorry Beijing). Hopefully I’m more on the ball in X’ian.

Written by: Gordon Hermann
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4 Responses to In search of the China Beer Minute – Part 2 Beijing

  1. Lorraine says:

    Great posting. You mean you actually missed a beer on the Great Wall so shocking (lol) on the otherside of it the conclusion is you totally savoured the different views you got from the Great Wall and the experience of walking on The Great Wall. ?

  2. eric says:

    I will try to make sure you’ll have a Belgian beer minute in Hua Hin end of year. And yes, Belgian chocolates will be brought for Tammy!

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