Esterházy Castle – Fertőd, Hungary – December, 2021

Often referred to as the ‘Hungarian Versailles‘, Esterházy Castle is a magnificent baroque building. It was completed in 1784 and was the principal residence of the wealthy and influential Hungarian house of Esterházy. The castle is located in the tiny town of Fertőd on the Austrian border.

In its glory from 1768-1790, 126 rooms were decorated in the Rococo style. Today many summer concerts are still held here. It’s interesting that the Hungarian State still maintains a suite for the Esterházy family in the castle. The inside is very impressive! 

There’s a hand drawing on one of the walls of a Russian war plane by a soldier from long ago. 

It’s easy to take the train from Győr as a day trip and worth it to see this splendid castle! 

Written by: Tammy Hermann
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  1. Lorraine says:

    Thank you for sharing Very beautiful❤️

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