Cruising to Alaska aboard the Celebrity Infinity – June, 2016

We have always wanted to visit Alaska on a cruise to take in the beautiful coastline and the glistening glaciers. The perfect opportunity arose when my Mom said that she would like to go on this cruise to celebrate her 70th birthday – her actual birthday is later in June but this was a good time to go for all of us. Since this was the first time any of us in our group has ever been on a big ship, it was nice to find out if it would be something that we would enjoy to do again.

Sailing into the sunset- Day 1– May 29, 2016

We boarded the Celebrity Infinity with my Mom and Jim at around 11 in the morning. The process went smoothly and surprisingly quick. The sun came out and we enjoyed our time sitting on the upper deck sipping on a beer while we waited for Jeff, Sam, Ian,and Dave.

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We enjoyed the scenery while cruising the inside passage and spent quite a bit of time exploring the ship. It’s amazing what’s available on these ships! Gordon and I bought the spa package to the Persian Garden, it’s a series of wet/dry saunas and turkish baths that we could use whenever we wanted for the duration of the cruise – aah heaven!

The views from the constellation lounge were gorgeous and we had a great sunset at sea.

File_009 (22)File_002 (24)File_002 (22)File_009 (19)

It’s my Birthday – Day 2 – May 30, 2016

Lucky for me I had the pleasure of enjoying my birthday on the ship. We were up early so we hit the treadmill (so I could eat lots of cake) and enjoyed the beautiful scenery while jogging – I was happy to see a whale on my birthday!

After jogging we spent time enjoying the spa/saunas and hot tub. Gordon spoiled me with a new pair of sparkly earrings, they are beautiful 

The entire day was a sea only day, we were cruising to Icy Straight Point which was our first port of call. It was a nice relaxing day and we had such an awesome dinner with everyone. We took in some live music throughout the evening, which there’s plenty of on the ship.

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Icy Straight Point – Day 3 – May 31, 2016

We enjoyed the spa and pools for most of the morning…I could definitely get used to this!

Late afternoon we were able to get off the ship (a relief for me as I had been feeling a bit dizzy) at Icy Straight Point. We walked to the town and took in the scenery. We visited an old cannery and circled back to the ship on a nature trail.

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Later on in the evening we went to see the tribute to the Beatles. It was actually very well done and really entertaining.


Hubbard Glacier –Day 4 – June 1, 2016

We woke very early (just as the sun was rising) after hardly sleeping a wink. The ship rocked and rolled all night and by morning I was silently wishing it to stop. As I opened the shades I saw this…wow!

File_003 (21) DSC_0172snapseedFile_004 (21)

We had some breakfast and then I went to the medical desk and asked for a motion sickness remedy. They gave me some pills to take and they helped me out.

We cruised into Glacier Bay (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and got right up close to Hubbard Glacier, it was an incredible sight. It was amazing how close the captain could get to the glacier, then he spun the ship around 360 degrees so that everyone could enjoy it no matter what deck they were on.

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It’s unbelievable the thunder like crashes you hear when pieces of the glacier fall into the sea.

File_000 (17)File_008 (17)

I loved all the little icebergs that were floating everywhere.

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Unfortunately the ship went back towards Juneau in the same rough seas and I spent most of the afternoon and evening feeling very whoozy. I went to sleep quite early because that was the only way that I could escape the sea sickness – a sailor I am not 

Yay for land – Juneau – Day 5 – June 2, 2016

We woke in the morning to a nice flat sea and the sight of Juneau. I think we were both anxious to get on land and do some exploring.

File_002 (7)

We spent the morning walking around downtown Juneau. It’s a very pretty city with a lot of history. We did a little window shopping and then headed back to the ship to grab some warmer clothes and cappuccinos, and maybe a cookie or two.

File_004 (7) File_003 (7) File_000 (7)

In the afternoon we visited Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls. The glacier was a beautiful sight across Mendenhall Lake. I was so surprised to see icebergs on the lake!

File_009 (6) File_008 (4)File_002 (6)File_009 (4)

The waterfall was a roaring beautiful sight and seeing that next to the glacier just made it even more scenic.

File_007 (4)DSC_0376

Every day we listened to Nelson and Maria play – Nelson was amazing on the guitar and his wife Maria sang beautifully. Sometimes during a break they would come and visit with us, they are such a lovely couple!

Nelson and Maria

The day our ship crashed into the dock in stormy Ketchikan – Day 6 – June 3, 2016

We rocked and rolled again during the night and I wouldn’t get out of bed until things settled down. We enjoyed some smooth waters for most of the morning and then it turned stormy.

We docked, or at least tried to dock, in Ketchikan at around 2:00 PM and that’s when we heard a BANG (we didn’t think much of it since it’s our first cruise). Then the announcement came, we were told there was an ‘incident due to adverse weather’- our ship hit the dock. There was considerable damage done to the dock (2-3 million dollars worth) and some damage to the ship consisting of a hole and a really large scratch (above the waterline at least). Thankfully no one was hurt.


We waited for a long time to find out if we could go to shore and finally our ship moved to a different dock and we were allowed off. They increased our port time (probably because they had to fix the hole in the ship and have it inspected by an engineer that was being flown in from Seattle) and we enjoyed a short visit in Ketchikan. Gordon, Mom, and myself took a 2 hour tour to see the highlights which included a quick stop on Creek Street to see Dolly’s House (a famous brothel), then a coastal drive with the hopes of spotting bears feeding on spawning salmon (they didn’t show up), and then our final stop at the Saxman Native Village to view the totem poles.

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Cruising the inside passage – Day 7 – June 4, 2016

While having breakfast we had the glorious pleasure of watching hundreds of dolphins race alongside the ship, it was a spectacular sight that definitely made my day!

It was a bit of a rocky ride until we hit the smooth waters of the inside passage but apparently the ship was traveling much faster than normal since the ‘dock incident’ put us behind schedule.

File_002 File_005

We enjoyed time in the hot pools and the persian garden spa, and took in the scenery from different lounge areas on the ship. It was a very relaxing day.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous as we pulled in to Canada Place in Vancouver and we were both stunned at how fast we were able to disembark given the ship held so many passengers. We were in a taxi in no time flat. It was a wonderful cruise with stunning scenery and we sure enjoyed it. There’s a lot of good things about cruising but I can honestly say…I think I’m a land lover 

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Written by Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Yes it was incredible cruise so special

  2. Darlene Jenkins says:

    Loved the pictures and all the comments.What a great way to have a family together.

  3. Thien says:

    The glacier bay is fantastic. I bet it is freaking cold there.

    • admin says:

      It was really beautiful Thien! Yes it was so cold that I was shaking by the time I went inside, but I did stay out on deck for a long time ?

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