Chang Beer Park

Have you ever been reeled in by brand promotion? I have, a few times, and more than once with beer. Come to think of it, most of the time with beer. Remember the Budweiser frogs and the Kokanee Ranger (2 of my favourites)! Well Thai Bev. Company the makers of Chang Beer have a campaign I really love; “Live Like You Mean It”.


You see this slogan everywhere in Thailand and they travel around the country setting up Chang Beer Parks to promote their brand and beer. They typically set the beer parks up beside large shopping malls, they have food venders and live music so you can sit and enjoy a few Chang beers. I really thought this would be, and wanted this to be, a great place for a “Beer Minute” because I love the campaign slogan so much but apparently I am not the target demographic. The targeted consumer, well at least the ones that were there (myself excluded) were bald headed, beer bellied, foreigners (OK it sounds like me a little so far) in their late sixties that love ‘60s lounge music. The beer was cold, the service was good, and the musicians did have talent but the vibe there damaged my calm so badly I had to rush through my jug of Chang and head to a more soothing environment!


Written by: Gordon Hermann

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