Castaway On San Blas Islands, Panama – February, 2017

Everything we read and heard indicated that the San Blas Islands were not to be missed on a visit to Panama. We had also read that the road from Panama City to the port was like a rollercoaster and most people were car sick on it. Luckily no one on the way there got sick but unfortunately on the return trip one of the passengers needed to stop on the side of the road and she was pretty sick. On top of the bad road, we had read that it could be a rough caribbean sea crossing to the islands – again we lucked out and had smooth waters. The islands are operated and fully controlled by the Kuna Natives. There are around 380 islands in the San Blas archipelago.

The Port

We stayed on Isla Diablo, it had a really nice white sand beach and great snorkeling from shore. 

On one afternoon I went snorkeling while Gordon soaked up the rays on the beach and I hung out with an eagle ray! 

There’s not a lot to do…so we did a lot of this. 

Isla Perro was right next to us and it had a beautiful beach and a sunken ship that we snorkeled around. 

I should mention that the facilities on these islands are VERY VERY rustic and in poor condition. The food they made for us was quite okay, you could buy fresh lobster and the Kuna would cook it for you. 

After lunch one day they took us to a really shallow area in what seemed like the middle of the sea and we saw a lot of starfish. After that we stopped at a different island to see the molas that the Kuna ladies make and sell. 

Every evening the family would play volleyball while the sun set. 

We enjoyed the islands and snorkeling but we will admit that we were really looking forward to getting back to our hotel in Panama City to sleep in a comfy bed! 

Where we stayed: Cabanas Niadup on Isla Diablo 👎

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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  1. Mom says:

    What a beautiful place for the beach and snorkelling

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