Carnaval City of Barranquilla, Colombia – October, 2016


I think we chose the worst airline to fly with from Curacao to Barranquilla, Colombia. First off our flight was cancelled the previous day and we were rebooked for a 9:00 AM flight the following day. All seemed to be going fine until the plane ‘tried’ to take off…twice! I hate delays but I was so relieved to head back to the tarmac and get off that plane. Apparently there was a problem with one of the propellers. The only reason we booked with them was because they were the only ones to go non-stop to our destination which initially was Manaus, Brazil, and since we had to change that flight, our only other option was to go to Barranquilla. As it turned out we had to fly to Medellin first and then on to Barranquilla, so much for non-stop. Oh and believe it or not there was no water…in the lavatories! It was a long day but we made it safely. Don’t ever fly with Insel Air, I highly DON’T recommend it!

When we finally arrived we were welcomed with the warmest smiles and hugs from our airbnb hosts, Andres and Nazly. What a great introduction to Colombia! Our Spanish is very basic and they didn’t speak much english but we got along fantastic and really enjoyed interacting with this family, even their dog Bella took to us. Did I mention they have ten tortoises?


Initially we were supposed to be in Barranquilla for 3 nights but because of our flight madness we only stayed for 2. While we were having breakfast and figuring out what we were going to go see, Andres offered to tour us around to all the sights. We took him up on his offer right away and the price he charged us was more than reasonable.

Andres took us everywhere on our list and then some – we had a great time with him and he’s a fun guy to tour with. I think he loved my camera because he took more pictures with it then I did, and it was so nice to have photos of Gordon and I together!


One thing that shocked us was how bad the storms are in Barranquilla. It is common after a downpour to see cars floating down the street in a torrential river…there are even signs warning you!



We think Barranquilla is going to be the new upcoming place in Colombia. There’s a huge shopping mall being built along with several beautiful developments along the river.


Unfortunately we missed the Shakira statue (she’s from Barranquilla) it is far from the city center but this is what it looks like. We did get to see where Shakira went to school and the apartment block she lived in. Also in the evening we sat around in our hosts living room and watched some Shakira music videos…they love her here.


The main interest for tourists in Barranquilla would be Carnaval and we are seriously considering coming back for that!


Where we stayed: Airbnb with Nazly Del Socorro ?

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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  1. Mom says:

    What a gorgeous place you were lucky to have such hosts. Wouldn’t want to be caught in that rain storm.
    Pictures are awesome.

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