Cape Horn (Drake Passage) – Chilean Fjords – South American Cruise – December 2016

This was the day that everyone was waiting for, some of us with great anticipation…would the Drake Passage be notoriosly rough or would it be smooth sailing (after all Gordon did kiss the toe on the statue)! Either way we will have cruised around Cape Horn and we will have earned the right to wear the traditional gold earring!
The captain had announced the night before that we would be at Cape Horn at 5:30am, I figured at least we might be lucky enough to catch a sunrise. When we got up in the morning and went out on deck we were shocked, the ocean was smooth, and we enjoyed a brilliant sunrise in the Drake Passage. Even the Captain was shocked at the sea conditions and said that it is extremely rare to be able to get this close to Isla Hornos. 

We had a great view of the lighthouse and the albatross monument which apparently people normally don’t get to see. 

Then we cruised away from the Atlantic side around Cape Horn and started going up the Pacific side, this is when things got really rough. 

The swells were so huge that our dishes at lunch were sliding off the table! Not long after lunch the captain asked that everyone sit down somewhere or stay in your cabin until the ship reached smoother seas – I was laying on the bed in our cabin literally hanging on to the side of the bed!

The pool during rough seas.

We had a few hours of very rough seas and then we entered the Sarmiento Canal – YAY- that was such a relief for me because I was feeling pretty seasick. We had some great scenery cruising the canal.

The next day we had a blast at the South American wine tasting on the ship. We tried several wines from all over South America. They had little stations set up for each country and you could sample many different wines. They also had a station for some favourite South American cocktails like the famous Pisco Sour. If you’ve never had a Pisco Sour….you must try it! It’s similar to a margarita and equally delicious. 

Gordon with Rod, he was the Cellar Master on our ship – great guy!

While we were enjoying the great drinks on the ship, we also got to enjoy this beautiful glacier!

The remainder of the day was spent cruising the Chilean Fjords enroute to Puerto Montt.

Here we saw Penguins jumping in and out of the water and Sea Lions just soaking up the sun. 

Where we stayed: Holland America Zandaam Mid-Ship Lower Promenade Deck 👍

Written by Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Great photos. What an amazing adventure!

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