Bang Saphan and Koh Talu, Thailand

We spent a few very relaxing days on this beautiful deserted beach in Bang Saphan. It was a fun mini holiday from Hua Hin and it only took around 2 hours by sprinter train to get there. We rented a villa right on the beach and it was such a great place to stay. 

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I think we were the only ones here! We thought it was so fantastic not to see the beach lined with loungers and food stalls. This is our kind of beach for sure.

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We wanted to go snorkeling at a small private island – Koh Talu. Our guesthouse made all the arrangements for us and off we went. This was the funniest snorkeling trip we had ever been on – we refer to it as ‘the day we crashed a private snorkel tour’.

Unbeknownst to us, we were put on a boat that was actually a private function for a group of teachers from Bangkok. Apparently they were only supposed to give us a ride to the island and then we were to change boats there. All the way over to the island we were having so much fun with the teachers, and we were really happy to be on this adventure with the locals – we had no idea at this point that we weren’t on the right boat. When we arrived at the island the guide asked us to change over to the ‘foreigner’ boat, we looked over at the boat and honestly they were not having the same kind of fun as us. We casually said to the group “do we have to go – we would rather stay with you – you’re so much fun”, they all rallied for us to stay and the guide agreed to keep us for the day – yay! They were so nice, they even shared their lovely buffet lunch with us and we tried some new Thai food that we had never had before 

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And on the way back there was a little wake boarding on a seat cushion….we didn’t see the other boats having this much fun!

File_007 (3)


The following day we visited Wat Tham Manrong, a cave system with hundreds of Buddha images and a LOT of bats. There is also a temple here where the monks take care and nurture countless stray dogs.

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We also popped in to see this Chinese style temple in town and on our way back to the villa we passed a small fishing village.

File_006 File_003File_003 (4)

It was well worth it to spend a few days to see the area, it is so undeveloped compared to other parts of Thailand and that was a real treat!

Where we stayed: The Theatre Villa 

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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4 Responses to Bang Saphan and Koh Talu, Thailand

  1. Tim McLean says:

    Too funny! Those teachers were hilarious.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Just love all the pictures this was a special adventure with all the teachers

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