Astounding Iguazu Falls, Argentina – November, 2016

We had seen so many images of Iguazu Falls over the years and it’s been high on our bucket list for a long time. We finally made it! To make the most of it and enjoy it at a leisurely pace, we decided to stay for 4 days. We spent 2 full days enjoying the trails in the national park and if you visit for 2 consecutive days then your park entrance fee is 50% off on the second day. To get the discount you have to get your 1st day ticket validated before you leave the park! 

Iguazu Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that definitely should not be missed, there are more than 270 falls and everywhere you turn there’s water falling. It’s the largest waterfall system in the world and a really incredible place that left us awestruck.

There is a train that takes you to certain points throughout the park but the queues are really long so we opted to walk after the first ride and we beat the train every time – it goes super slow.

The first point we visited was the ‘Devils Throat’. The power of the falls was really something to see! 

Looking down the gorge was a quite a sight, waterfalls on both sides, from every angle. Also directly across the gorge we could see the Brazil side of the falls – we didn’t visit the Brazil side because of the visa requirements for Canadians. People later told us that the Brazil side really just offers a panoramic view of the falls where as on the Argentina side you are right in and up close to the falls.

We got soaked here both from the rain and the spray from the waterfalls. At least it was hot out so the rain and spray felt refreshing! Later in the day the weather turned quite nice.

In the afternoon we took the lower trail to take the ferry boat over to the island but unfortunately the water level was too high so they stopped taking people over. No worries though we went the next day and enjoyed the trails and the fantastic views.

There were quite a few places that you could stop for a snack or drink but unfortunately they are all surrounded by ‘Coatis’. They are like Racoons and they are pretty cute (the babies are adorable) but they turn nasty, especially when you have an empanada in your hand. I had a group of them circle me and I could tell by the look in their eyes that they were going to take me down. Gordon came to my rescue using his umbrella like a sword. I’m sure we looked crazy but I didn’t get rabies! A prime example of what happens when people feed the wildlife. Now the Coatis are a menace and the park needs to do something about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if people have been bitten by them.

On the ‘Upper Trail’ we were very fortunate to see Toucans, seeing them kind of made us crave fruit loops 😉 They were beautiful but very tricky to photograph, they don’t sit still for long.

Experiencing this amazing place and meandering all the trails in the park was nothing short of spectacular!!!

Aside from visiting the park there’s not much else to do so we enjoyed a couple of days poolside at our resort and also visited the ‘Tri-Border’ area where Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil meet.

Looking out from Argentina, Paraguay is to the left and Brazil to the right.

An unforgettable 4 days in this stunning area of Argentina!

Where we stayed: Hotel St. George 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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4 Responses to Astounding Iguazu Falls, Argentina – November, 2016

  1. Mom says:

    What more can I say WOW, WOW Pictures are awesome and one can travel through your eye❤️😍

  2. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your travels! You are going to places I’ve never even heard of! What a beautiful place!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Cheryl, so glad you’re enjoying the posts! It was such a beautiful place and we are so happy and blessed that we could finally make a visit there 😊

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