Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus – February, 2022

The Akamas Peninsula has an abundance of natural beauty. The views are breathtaking and it’s most definitely worth a visit! The dirt roads are rough and narrow so we rented a 4×4 specifically to venture out here.

We started our day with a stop at the Edro III shipwreck. The sea caves are also in this area. I’m not sure how or when they will remove this ship but for now it’s somewhat of an attraction. 

We made our way to Avakas Gorge for a hike. The gorge starts out quite wide and then narrows to a slot canyon. We practiced our rock hopping skills crossing the creek a number of times. The canyon is really pretty! 

This is what’s left of an 800 year old olive tree. It must have been huge! 

This beautiful beach was just before the gorge. 

On our way out to the Blue Lagoon the road became fairly sketchy, actually we were literally driving on a narrow road on the side of a mountain. After going down a very rocky and very steep hill, we decided to park and walk the rest of the way in. We were concerned that if the road got any worse and we were unable to turn around, then what? As it turned out, that was the worst part of the road. Oh well, we enjoyed the hike and the views! 

Crescent Bay – a beautiful little spot. 

Amphitheatre – once I saw it then I whole heartedly agreed with the name. This bay is surrounded by rocks that make it feel like you’re in an old Roman theatre. 

On the other side of the Amphitheater, it was like walking on moon craters. 

Manolis Bay – this bay took our breath away. The colours of the crystal clear water against the white cliffs and the cave, is stunning! 

We finally made it to the Blue Lagoon and it’s very beautiful! 

At the end of the road is the pretty Fontana Amorosa Beach. 

On our way out of the Akamas nature area, we stopped at the Aphrodite Baths. The goddess of love and beauty used to bathe in the small pool in the grotto. There really isn’t much to see and we were surprised at how busy it was. 

We loved our day hiking and this area of Cyprus is a must see in our opinion. 

Written by: Tammy Hermann
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  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh my so very beautiful and colourful love it. Great photography ❤️

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