Acropolis of Lindos – Lindos, Greece – October, 2018

Lindos is a beautiful fishing village on the east side of Rhodes Island with an amazing archeaelogical site. The Lindos Acropolis dates back to around 300 bc and it was actually built on a site of a previous temple. 

From the whitewashed village of Lindos, you have to go up a lot of steps to reach the Acropolis, it can be slow going if there are a lot of people. It wasn’t too bad when we went but there was definitely a line of people. Don’t worry, there is music on the way up. 

One of the first things you will see, aside from the gorgeous view, is the Exedra Relief of Trimolia – a warship. It is carved into a rock face and dates back to early 2nd century BC. 

Then you have to continue up some more steps to the Castle of the Knights of St. John. 

It was fun just wandering around and we really took our time here to soak it all in. The views from every direction were fantastic.

The Temple of Lindian Athena is impressive and sits right at the top of the acropolis. Long ago, this was where the statue of Athena stood.

Behind the temple were some stunning views of St. Paul’s Bay. I had read that this is where Apostle St. Paul landed on Rhodes and started preaching the message of Christianity back in 51 AD. 

From the temple we could see Archokrateion (a rock cut tomb) in the distance. I later read that it was a place for burial rituals. A total of 19 graves were cut into the chamber walls. It was also suggested that in the time of the Knights it was used as a church.

On the southwest side of the hill, below the Temple of Athena is the Ancient Theatre. It was hollowed out of the the side of the hill. During the time that it was being used it held 1,800 spectators. 

The whitewashed village of Lindos is very picturesque and the labrynth of alleyways was designed to confuse pirates – we certainly found it confusing and we were lost for a short while. 

I think I’ve been here before…hmmm maybe not. Okay, we are lost.

After finding our way back through the village, we decided to relax on the beach. First we visited St. Paul’s Bay and then we stopped in at Megali Paralia – the main beach in Lindos. 

We had a fantastic day in Lindos! It was very easy to take the local bus from Rhodes Town to Lindos and the buses run on a regular schedule. 

Where we stayed: Medieval Inn – Rhodes Old Town 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Such a beautiful area very informative what a history.😀👍

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