A Hidden Gem in Hua Hin

When it’s time for a refreshment break, I typically search for a nice quiet spot away from the crowds and the noise where I can sit and relax with a nice cold beer. Sometimes however, I like to get together with a group of like-minded people for some good laughs and scintillating conversation. My favourite establishment for times like this is Eric and Arm Coffee Corner, it’s a wonderful little bar a short way up soi 96 in Hua Hin, Thailand.

They have a marvelous drink menu all at happy hour prices and a nice outdoor seating area with great ambiance. Arm welcomes everybody to his bar as if he has known them forever, and indeed sitting at Eric and Arm Coffee Corner is like sitting in your backyard with your best friends, family, and of course everyone’s favourite soi dog Daeng-Daeng.

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You may start out at a table by yourself but before long the whole place is one large communal table sharing travel tales about Thailand and our respective homelands. The patrons are from numerous countries around the globe and sometimes communication can be tricky, but usually within this diverse group of customers there is always at least one that is able to translate. Sometimes more than one translator is needed to get from one language to the next but it always seems to get done.


The owners of Coffee Corner are two of the nicest people you could ever meet and they have become very good friends of mine. If you are near the area do yourself a favour and venture up quiet soi 96 for some refreshment at Eric and Arm Coffee Corner, you’ll be glad you did.

See you there! Chok dee krap!

Arm and I continuing the Leo (Tiger) versus Chang (Elephant) debate.


Learn more about Eric and Arm Coffee Corner at coffeecornerhuahin.weebly.com/

Written by: Gordon Hermann




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4 Responses to A Hidden Gem in Hua Hin

  1. Lorraine McQuillen says:

    That is a great 1 minute beer info Who won between the Leo and Chang debate?

  2. van opdenbosch eric says:

    My Canadian friends, indeed we became friends, and i am sure this will last forever. Thank you very much for this heart warming article on your website, that, by the way, i follow intensively! Looking forward to see you both again at the little bar sometime this year and make more friends.

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