A Few Days In Bogota, Colombia – November, 2016

After spending nearly a month in Colombia we ended our time in the country’s capital, Bogota. We stayed in the Zona Rosa area which was safe and actually quite well located to take in the tourist sites. Bogota is a massive city that is both intimidating and overwhelming. It’s not the easiest place for a tourist to get around and the traffic here can be really really bad. The best way to get around the city is on the Transmilenio bus system. It operates similar to a metro and it can get really crowded so traveling during off peak hours is best. Also you need a Transmilenio card that you can reload, the buses don’t take cash. One of the guys at our hotel lent us his card for a few days which was super nice of him. 

A must do in Bogota is a trip up to Monserrate on the cable car. The church sits 3174 meters above the center of Bogota. It offers great views of the city and when we were there it was all decked out for Christmas. The church had the best nativity scene that I have ever seen, complete with moving people. 


After Monserrate, we walked to La Candelaria which is the city’s historic center. You need to pay attention here and be mindful of what street you’re on because certain areas around here can be dangerous. It’s very common to see military with full artillery and police on every corner with attack dogs. Seeing this everywhere in the city made me feel both nervous and at least a little bit safe at the same time. 


Near to Bolivar Square is the Iglesia Museo Santa Clara. One of the oldest churches in Bogota. It was really beautiful inside and definitely worth seeing. 


One thing that seemed to be on everyone’s list of things to see is the Salt Cathedral. It’s located in the town of Zipaquira and it took us a couple of hours to get there on the bus. We had looked into getting a car and driver to take us there but it was really expensive. It was so easy to take the bus there and back even though the hotel manager was worried and said to us “I hope to see you again”! The Salt Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church built in the tunnels of a salt mine. It was an interesting place to visit. Also the town of Zipaquira is quite nice and worth seeing. 


We don’t go to every museum in the cities we visit, but the Botero Museum (which is free) and the Gold Museum should not be missed. Both of them were exceptional. 


We took a walk through Chorro De Quevedo, it was recommended to us by our friend Daniel. It had a real bohemian feel to it and lots of street art to enjoy. According to history, this is the place where Bogota was founded. 


For lunch one day we tried some traditional dishes, Tamal and Ajiaco. We enjoyed both of them. 


This was our last stop in Colombia and we truly enjoyed our time in this beautiful country! 


Where we stayed: Hotel City Flats 👍

Written by: Tammy Hermann…Live~Love~Travel
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2 Responses to A Few Days In Bogota, Colombia – November, 2016

  1. Mom says:

    Beautiful pictures, museum looked very interesting and the Salt Catherdral is so unique. Sure kind of scary when one is told I hope to see you again

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! The Gold Museum was brilliant and the Salt Cathedral was so different and cool to see. Yes it is a bit unnerving to have the hotel manager say that, I think she worries about her guests. It was an awesome hotel and I would definitely stay there again if ever back in Bogota!

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